One Piece Episode 1078: Adult Momonosuke Takes the Lead After the Fight

Finally, the battle has ended after 20 years. With the release of One Piece episode 1078 the adult Momonosuke has taken the lead of the Akazya Nine and the Land of Wano after defeating Kaido the captain of the animal kingdom pirates with the help of the ninja-pirate-mink-samurai alliance.

This long-going battle that Eiichiro Oda has been creating since the punk hazard arc has come to an end with the mark of One Piece Episode 1078 and the winner of this battle is the ninja-pirate-mink-samurai alliance. This alliance contains various Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates, Akazaya Nine, and Mink tribes, Kid Pirates also joined the battle but they have their own reasons.

One Piece Episode 1078

one piece anime series

After the end of One Piece Episode 1078, the Akazya Nine members can finally lay down their swords because they have fulfilled the promise that they made 20 years ago to Toki. After the long and intense battle the Straw Hats can now finally enjoy their grand fest as they have a major role in defeating Beasts Pirates and Big Mom Pirates Alliance.

After the release of One Piece Episode 1078, the Wano arc is going to an end. After waiting every week for the last 4 years all I can say is that I’m very emotional at this point because this arc has given us so much. If I start mentioning then the list will be as long as the battle that was going on in Wano. Some of the great moments in this arc include Luffy’s Gear 5, Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe, Zoro using enma, and many more.

One of the best things that I get to see in One Piece Episode 1078 is the adult Momonosuke’s entry because the character design of Momonosuke is very similar to his father’s design. This shows the storytelling talent that Eiichiro Oda has. It would be a better decision not to spoil much about the One Piece Episode 1078 because it will ruin the ending that we all have been better for. You can watch this episode on various platforms such as Crunchyroll.

What Will Happen After the Wano Arc?

one piece anime series
One Piece

After the Wano arc, One Piece is going to enter its final saga which means that there will be going to be a lot of chaos around the world. If talk about the reference from ongoing manga then the next arc will be the Egg Head Island arc and simultaneously there will be various fights going on like Garp vs Aokiji and Law vs Blackbeared.

As a One Piece fan, I can say that we should all start preparing for the worst outcomes because in an SBS Eiichiro Oda said that as One Piece has entered its final there will be a lot of deaths coming between the major characters. So all the fans should prepare for the upcoming chapters. So let us set our sails and witness the end of this amazing journey.

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