One Piece Releases Zoro Prequel Trailer: Big News for Zoro Fans in 2024

If there is anyone in One Piece who is as famous as Monkey D. Luffy is Roronoa Zoro. Therefore the franchise has decided to release the Zoro prequel trailer. This trailer is made and released for the promotion of Zoro’s novel which is about the life of pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro before he joins Monkey D. Luffy in his adventures and becomes his first mate in straw hat pirates.

Those who have watched One Piece know who the hell Roronoa Zoro is and if he is not present on the crew then it might not be possible for Monkey D. Luffy to reach the level of Yonko at such a young age. So without wasting any more time let us begin with this amazing article.

Everything You Need to Know about Zoro Prequel Trailer

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Many times it has been seen that One Piece fans have put allegations on Eiichiro Oda that he has favored Sanji over Zoro, but this time he has answered all these allegations. He already amazed the fans with the news of Zoro’s novel but this time he has gotten even further with Zoro’s prequel trailer.

Those who have watched One Piece already know that Zoro never wanted to become the pirate king rather he wanted to become the greatest swordsman in the world. But why his thinking is like that? Most of you know about Kushina and how she is responsible for motivating Zoro to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

We have attached below the recent post from One Piece mag which has posted about this news on X, with Zoro prequel trailer.

Golden Period of One Piece

one piece anime series
Roronoa Zoro Vs King

It’s safe to say that One Piece is currently entering its Golden Phase. This is because One Piece has recently surpassed in highest-grossing anime, One Piece has a manga going on, anime going on, and Live Action for season 2 of One Piece has also begun. And now a novel about Zoro’s past along with Zoro prequel trailer. Oda sensei is in his full form these days.

With the Zoro prequel trailer, Eiichiro Oda has a clear message to his fans that he has a lot more to give to One Piece fans and he is far from done yet. But there is something that you need to know about Zoro’s past novel. This novel is written by Jun Esaka who is known for writing another light novel Heroines which is about the leading ladies of One Piece i.e. Nami, Uta, and Boa Hancock.

One thing that is interpreted from this novel is that we will be witnessing some of the best sword fights in anime. So do not forget to bookmark this article because we will keep on updating this article as soon as we get to know more things about Zoro’s prequel novel.

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