Finally Its Here Luffy’s Gear 5: Truth Behind Gomu Gomu No MI

Spoiler Alert: It is not time for your everyday slice-of-life anime because sun god nika is here. Are you as excited as I’m for Luffy’s Gear 5? Can you hear the drums of liberation too? If yes, then let us witness this epic moment with all the anime fans on 06 August 2023. Episode 1071 will contain the first appearance of Luffy’s Gear 5 and the following episode 1072 will contain the abilities of Gear 5. 

Our very own Oda sensei ( Eiichiro Oda; creator of One Piece) seriously did something that anyone who is currently watching one piece has never imagined. Do you really wanna know what he did? Just read this article and I’m one hundred percent sure that you’ll be shocked.

Awakening of Gomu Gomu No MI

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Awakening Of Gomu Gomu No Mi

As we all knew that there is a special stage of Devil Fruits known as awakening in which the devil fruits eater can start manipulating the environment around them. This awakening is very rare and it is achieved by only some characters till now.

Some of the characters with awakened devil fruits are Doflamingo, Charlotte Katakuri, and some jailors in impel down with awakened zoan fruit. In recent episodes, we have also seen the awakening of Trafalgar D. Law‘s and Eustas Captain Kid‘s devil fruit awakening too.

In episode 1071 we will see the awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit (Gomu Gomu No MI). Due to this awakening, Luffy will be able to manipulate the environment around him into rubber. And this awakening will give Luffy a new look which will be his new form and it is named Luffy’s Gear 5.

Let us look at what resulted in the awakening of Gomu Gomu No MI. And after that, we will be revealing the true identity of Gomu Gomu No MI.

How Luffy’s Gear 5 Is Unlocked

luffy chapter 1043

At the end of One Piece manga chapter 1042, we saw Luffy going to punch Kaido with his final move but he is interrupted by one of the CP0 members and he got knocked out by Kaido. Due to this Luffy’s voice of all things has gone and everyone assumed that Luffy is dead.

But in the One Piece manga chapter 1043we saw Zunesha and Momonosuke talking like this through the voice of all things,

” He is here, Momonuske”

“Who is here, Zunesha?”


The characters who can listen to the voice of all things can hear that Luffy’s heartbeat has changed and it now sounds like ” DUM DUM DUM DUM”.Luffy’s hair now has been covered with a sticky substance and we see that Luffy is smiling and with this, the chapter ends. I bet this is enough for all the One Piece fans to give goosebumps.

In the next One Piece manga chapter 1044, we saw Luffy flying in the air and now he has awakened his devil fruit, and this results in Luffy’s gear 5. He is smiling continuously and everyone is shocked to see that Luffy has made a comeback in a new form.

Reality of Gomu Gomu No MI

gomu gomu no mi
Gomu Gomu No Mi

In One Piece manga chapter 1044, the scene has been shifted from Onigashima to the Holy Land of Mariejois and we see that the Gorosei has been informed that Luffy has awakened the Gomu Gomu No MI and because of this there is a lot of tension in the room.

Here, Gorosei revealed that Luffy’s gear 5 is the awakening of Gomu Gomu No Mi. They also revealed the true name of Luffy’s devil fruit is Hito Hito No MI: model Nika. This is seriously one of the biggest reveals or I should say plot twists that one piece has till now.

Because of Luffy’s Gear 5 awakening, Luffy has now become the sun god Nika. As I said before this awakening will make Luffy able to manipulate the environment plus the biggest power of this ability is that the only weakness of this ability is Luffy’s imagination.

Where Can We Watch Luffy’s Gear 5 Episode?

As you know that Luffy’s Gear 5 episode number will be 1071 and it will be airing on 06 August 2023. The timings for the release will be different according to your region. The timings for different regions are given below:

1. Japan – 09:30 AM (JST)

2. USA – 09:00 PM (CDT)

3. France – 04:00 AM (CEST)

4. India – 07:30 AM (IST)

5. Russia – 05:00 AM (MST)

There are various platforms on which you can see Luffy’s Gear 5 episodes like Netflix and Crunchyroll based on your region. Though there are various pirated sites where you can watch it for free we suggest you watch on the reputed platforms so that we can pay our tribute to the creators.

Mark the Date

We are glad to see you at the end of the article this shows you’re a true anime fan. Let us witness this epic moment with all the anime fans on 06 August 2023. I hope this article helped you a lot to get information about Luffy’s Gear 5.

We will be updating this article from time to time as soon as we get some new information about Luffy’s Gear 5 release. So we request you to bookmark this article and share it with your family and friends so that you can enjoy this epic moment with everyone around you who loves to watch anime.

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