About Us

Hello watchers!

Augustus this side.

I am the person behind AnimeCrocs. My history and the reasons behind making this website are really interesting so, Basically, I started watching Anime when I was just 8 years old and by the age of 16, I already had started watching Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Detective Conan, and many more animes.

I had seen many bloggers blogging about anime and making their living out of it and at that very moment I decided what am I going to do in my life and that make a blog about anime and share my thoughts with all the new and eager watchers out there, but any other parents living in a small city like Denver they were afraid of this online world so they did not allow me to do it.

As I grow so is my passion for anime their fear did not stop me from doing what I wanted so I never gave up on it and now at the age of 22, I saved money from my part-time jobs and finally came up with this domain and chose this path as my career.

I hope I could contribute to this anime community and my blog will become a huge success.