Dragon Ball Magic: New Series Releasing in 2024

For most of us, Dragon Ball is not just an anime series but an emotion. If you’re one of those then a new series with the name “Dragon Ball Magic” has been announced by the Dragon Ball franchise. But wait do not get your hopes high, because Dragon Ball Magic will not be the continuation of the previously going Dragon Ball Super series.

The world knows how much everyone loved Dragon Ball Super, everything about it from animation to storyline was perfect. The moment Goku achieved ultra instinct form, it made so many records that even Luffy’s Gear 5 was not able to break it. This shows that even now fans are way crazy about the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Magic

dragon ball anime series
Kid Goku

Dragon Ball Magic is supposed to be a short series of around 10-15 episodes with high-quality animation. But as we said earlier this will not contain the further chapters of Dragon Ball Super instead this will contain the further exploration of Goku and Supreme Kai after his last fight in Dragon Ball GT. This is the main reason why fans are not happy with the creators of Dragon Ball.

This series will be going to cover the adventures of kids Goku and Shin. If you don’t remember then let me explain to you how Goku was turned into a kid. During the course of Dragon Ball GT Goku is turned into a kid by Emperor Pilaf with the help of Shenron. Just like the Dragon Ball GT was considered as a non-canon event it is safe to assume that Dragon Ball Magic will also be going to a non-canon event.

Being a Dragon Ball fan even though I’m not happy with the decision this is because, like most of the fans, I also wanted to see Goku and Vegeta once again fighting in their new forms. Goku in his Ultra Instinct form and Vegeta in his Ultra Ego form. The fans were eagerly waiting for the fight between Goku and Vegeta vs Gas.

Reason for Backlash Facing by Dragon Ball Franchise

dragon ball anime series
Vegeta And Goku

There are various reasons for which the Dragon Ball franchise is currently facing backlash. The first reason is the repetitive storyline. There are various anime in the market whose main selling point is the storyline rather than animations and fights, like Death Note and Monster, Dragon Ball is one of them.

Fans are tired of seeing Goku and Vegeta getting new forms every time there is a threat, so they want something different to make the series worth watching and live up to his name. But in the recent events in manga where we get to see the adventures of Trunks and Goten, the fans are appreciating a bit to the manga artists.

Another reason is that why fans are furious about the news of Dragon Ball Magic is that they were eagerly waiting to see Goku and Vegeta in their new forms, but as we know by now Dragon Ball Magic will be about the adventures of kid Goku, fans are really disappointed. The only hope for the Dragon Ball franchise is to keep their animation and storyline exceptionally good so that fans can accept the Dragon Ball magic, and enjoy the show without any hard feelings.

Dragon Ball is considered the father of the big three anime which includes One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. Because the manga artists of these series admit that they have taken inspiration from Dragon Ball. So let’s just hope that Dragon Ball Magic will exceed our expectations and live up to the name and reputation that the Dragon Ball franchise has earned till now.

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