One Piece Chapter 1104 Release Date and Time: Is Kuma Going to Die?

After Kuma’s heart-wrenching backstory that ended with a cliffhanger in chapter 1103, the release date and time for One Piece chapter 1104 has been announced. After the incidents that took place in chapter 1103, One Piece of chapter 1104 will be going to decide Kuma’s fate.

Due to Shonen Jumps’ winter holiday break extension, we have to experience some delay in the release of a new chapter which is of course not good news for One Piece fans because One Piece chapter 1104 will contain several jaw-breaking panels that will decide Kuma’s fate. So without wasting much time let us reveal One Piece Chapter 1104 release date and time.

One Piece Chapter 1104 Release Date and Time

one piece anime series
Bartholomew Kuma

The official release date for One Piece chapter 1104 has been announced. According to the reports the new chapter is going to be released on 21st January, and the time for release is going to differ from one region to another. After analyzing the reports thoroughly we have mentioned the release time for various regions which is as follows:

  1. Japan – January 21 at 12:00 AM JST
  2. Brazil – January 21 at 12:00 PM BRT
  3. USA – January 21 at 09:00 AM CDT (or 7:00 AM PST)
  4. India – January 21 at 08:30 PM IST
  5. Germany – January 21 at 04:00 PM CET
  6. Turkey – January 21 at 06:00 PM TRT
  7. Malaysia – January 21 at 11:00 PM MYT
  8. Singapore – January 21 at 11:00 PM SGT
  9. Indonesia – January 21 at 11:00 PM WITA
  10. South Korea – January 21 at 12:00 AM KST
  11. Canada – January 21 at 10:00 AM EST
  12. France –January 21 at 04:00 PM CET
  13. Spain – January 21 at 04:00 PM CET

These are the official times that have been announced. However, the actual time of release might vary because of various reasons.

Recap of One Piece Manga Chapter 1103

kuma vs saturn
Kuma Vs Saturn

In the past various chapters, we read about Kuma’s backstory. This was one of the saddest backstories in One Piece till now for sure. This chapter brings us back to the present timeline where a lot of chaos has been going on. Bonney now learned about the past of his father Kuma through the memory bubble which was created by Dr. Vegapunk.

In the next few panels we saw some conversation that took place between Bonney and Dr. Vegapunk, in which she was apologizing to him because after knowing Kuma’s backstory, she got to know who was the actual villain this whole time. After these panels ended we came back to St. Saturn who was in his Devil form confronting D. Vegapunk along with the Straw Hats crew and Bonney.

While all this chaos was going on someone passed down some food to Luffy so that he could regain his strength and get ready for his battle with Saturn. But who could have done this? Was it Kizaru? or Was it Caribou? Hopefully, we can get to know about this in upcoming chapters.

In the next panel, we see that St. Saturn confessed to doing what he has done to Bartholomew Kuma, Ginny, and Bonney. Saturn was going to kill Bonney but suddenly Revolutionary Army’s commander and former warlord Bartholomew Kuma arrived to save his daughter and everyone was shocked to see this happen.

Kuma clinched his fist and was about to hit Saturn. And with this, the chapter has come to an end. Now the question is what is going to happen in One Piece chapter 1104?

What We Can Expect From Next Chapter?


One Piece chapter 1104 is going to be stupendous because in this chapter Kuma’s fate is going to be decided whether he is going to live or die. In the previous chapters, it was revealed that Dr. Vegapunk has installed a self-destruct button in Kuma as per the instructions from St. Saturn.

One Piece chapter 1104 will be one of the best chapters in recent times because of the chaos on Egghead Island. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that Kuma will take his revenge. Moreover, if Luffy stands with full energy this time then he will also be fighting against St. Saturn in his Gear 5 form.

If Luffy fights against Saturn in Gear 5 form then Kuma’s wish for seeing Nika in action will come true because since childhood Kumas was told by his father that Nika is the one who will grant freedom to everyone. Kuma Strongly believes in this ideology. Since then he has been waiting for Nika.

When the truth about Gomu Gomu No Mi was revealed, it was told that Luffy was Nika. So it will be exciting to watch Kuma’s reaction to this in One Piece chapter 1104.

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