Egghead Arc on Netflix: Big News for One Piece Fans in 2024

Big news has arrived for the One Piece fans at the beginning of 2024. Netflix has announced that they will be streaming the Egghead arc on Netflix from 13th January 2024. Just after a few days of adding Marineford Arc to the library, Netflix announced this amazing news through a recent post on X.

By streaming Egghead Arc on Netflix, the message is clear that Netflix wants to create its monopoly in the One Piece streaming. There are various reasons which support Netflix’s decision to stream Egghead Arc on Netflix. So let us dive further into this matter, and try to decode the secret message that Netflix wants to give to its fans.

Egghead Arc on Netflix

Here is the official announcement that was made by Netflix, about their decision to stream Egghead Arc on their platform.

Though various signs are visible that is how Netflix is handling One Piece. If we speak honestly then there are various issues with this decision. But keeping these issues aside, this is one of the biggest news for One Piece fans because now the whole Big Three is present on Netflix, though most of the One Piece is still missing.

The Success of One Piece on Netflix

one piece anime series
One Piece

Netflix is making such a big decision regarding the One Piece deserves a standing ovation from fans. But what are these decisions, for those who don’t know various projects are going on Netflix regarding One Piece. We have mentioned all these projects below:

  • One Piece remake with WIT studio
  • One Piece Live Action Season 2
  • Marineford Arc on Netflix
  • Egghead Arc on Netflix

The reason behind such interest in Netflix is the huge success of One Piece Live Action. There has been a huge increment in the number of fans who want to watch One Piece, after the release of One Piece Live Action. So to make profits from such a huge fanbase Netflix has taken this decision to stream Egghead Arc on Netflix.

Is This Decision Is Worth It?

one piece anime series
Egghead Arc

If you ask us, then honestly this decision of streaming Egghead Arc on Netflix, is not worth it at all because we all know that there are various platforms where the whole library of One Piece is present. The biggest of these platforms is Crunchyroll. It’s a logical point why new fans will see from Egghead Arc, not from the beginning on other platforms such as Crunchyroll?

If Netflix wants to establish its monopoly in One Piece streaming then they have to quickly add all the remaining arcs as well, because no one wants to watch a series half on one platform and half on the other. But what do you think Crunchyroll will allow Netflix to establish their monopoly in One Piece?

But still, we can say that this is definitely a huge step for Netflix and it will affect the other animes as well. this is because mostly all the anime that is released on Netflix comes in batches not weekly. So if Netflix starts releasing each episode of Egghead Arc weekly then we can assume that such things will happen with other anime as well.

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