My Hero Academia Fourth Movie and Season 7 Confirmed

Since the manga has entered the last phase. My Hero Academia fourth movie has been confirmed by the franchise. Moreover, they also stated that the production of season 7 is going day by day and fans can expect the best from My Hero Academia fourth movie and season 7.

My Hero Academia Fourth Movie Confirmed

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Official Statement By Kohei Horikoshi

According to the latest tweet by Rukasu – the official translator for My Hero Academia, Kōhei Horikoshi – the author of My Hero Academia was really excited about the upcoming My Hero Academia fourth movie and season 7.

The post on X formerly known as Twitter was a translation of an official statement by Kōhei Horikoshi which states that “I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood when a new Dragon Ball movie was being released every year. Those made me so excited that I remember sitting in the movie theater with my heart racing like crazy. So I hope the new generation of kids around the world can enjoy the movie just as much as me back then!”

Kōhei Horikoshi also stated that “My Hero Academia’s fourth movie will take place after the war in season 6. Hence we can expect we can get to see a collapsed society at this stage in time. After getting so much knowledge and getting to know so much truth behind the war what do you think who will be fighting against Deku and his friends from class 1A? What will they protect?! Look forward to it!”

My Hero Academia Season 7

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Stars And Stripes

As we all know that the last season ended with a lot of suspense. So we can expect that we can get to see all the answers this season and the most expected moment is that we get to see how the fight advances in the series. Do you think will Deku be able to defeat Shigaraki this time?

We will also get to see an awesome and mind-blowing fight between Shigaraki and the Stars ad Stripes. As we have all seen in season 6 Stars and Stripes considers All Might his master so we can expect that she will be going to fight till death for the victory against Shigaraki.

Stars and Stripes is the number one hero from the United States. By this, we can easily assume that the fight between her and Shigaraki will be a battle to the death. By doing some internal investigation class 1A and heroes find out the internal spy between them!!

We can expect from My Hero Academia fourth movie and season 7 that the series will go into a darker mode. By the words of Kōhei Horikoshi, it is clear that we can expect a lot more from the series. We will see that the series will be going to hit the 150-episode mark with its season 7 which is definitely a piece of great news for Shonen anime fans.

This is all that we know till now from the X post by Rukasu. Though it’s not clear by now at what time we will be able to see it we can expect My Hero Academia fourth movie to get released next year along with season 7. It will be a wise decision if you bookmark this post because we will keep on updating this post as soon as we get some new update regarding My Hero Academia fourth movie and season 7.

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