Chainsaw Man Chapter 140: Reveal of Hybrids From Past

Without breaking the weekly streak, Chainsaw Man chapter 140 will be released on August 22, Tuesday. Continuing the weekly streak of uploading a new chapter of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga is creating new hype every week. Chainsaw Man chapter 140 will be available on various platforms such as Shonen Jump, Viz Media website, and Manga Plus App.

On these platforms, you can read the entire Chainsaw Man manga series and various other mangas as well. Below we have mentioned the timings for the release of chainsaw man chapter 140 in different regions.

  • Central Time (CST): 10 a.m.
  • UK Time (BST): 4 p.m.
  • Pacific Time (PST): 8 a.m.
  • Indian Time (IST): 8:30 p.m.
  • European Time (CEST): 5 p.m.

Let us have a look at the summary of previous chapters of Chainsaw Man so that we can get an idea about what will going to happen next in the coming chapters.

Previously on Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man manga
Chainsaw Man Chapter 138

In chapter 138 of Chainsaw Man, we read that the mysterious girl who was first ignoring Denji during his fight with the gang members saves Denji from one of the gang members who were trying to kill him. And in the next few panels, we get to know about the true identity of that mysterious girl which is revealed by Yoshida.

That mysterious girl was Fumiko Mifune who is assigned as Denji’s bodyguard and she works for public safety. In this chapter, we also get to read a few panels in which we get to see Asa and Yoru who were watching themselves on TV. This chapter ends with a cliffhanger when Denji meets a mysterious man who identifies himself as Sword Man.

chainsaw man manga
Chainsaw Man Chapter 139

In chapter 139 of Chainsaw man answers all the questions related to Sword Man. This chapter is not that much accepted in the community because most of the people were expecting a deadly fight between Denji and Sword Man but nothing like that happens. Sword reveals that he is one of the many hybrids who were working under Makima and he was also part of the deadly fight between Chainsaw Man and Control Devil.

In the next few panels, we see that his name is Miri Sugo and he is a transfer student in Denji’s class. He is so smart that he gets all the attention from the girls. Sugo later reveals that he is a high-ranking member of the Chainsaw Man church along with many of Makima’s hybrids.

Sugo then offered Denji a place in the church but Denji declines. Sugo said to Denji that he wanted to be his friend because he saved Sugo and other hybrids from Makima. As a token of thanks Sugo stated that if Denji accepts his offer then he can sleep with as many girls as he wants and this makes Denji accept the offer.

Expectations From Chainsaw Man Chapter 140

chainsaw man manga
Denji Chainsaw Man

Fans have a lot of expectations from chainsaw man chapter 140 because we can get to see a huge revelation about the ending of chainsaw man part 1. Since we saw a hybrid, Miri Sugo in chapter 139 then there is a huge possibility that we can also get see more hybrids in the upcoming chapters.

According to various theories in the community one theory that caught my eye states that we can get to see the return of the bomb devil in the story next. So if we keep these things in mind then it is pretty much clear that the upcoming chainsaw man chapter 140 will form the base for the storyline.

Big News for Chainsaw Man Fans

chainsaw man manga
Chainsaw Man Poster

Very special news for chainsaw man fans is here. According to the latest news reports Chainsaw Man manga is nominated for best manga at the Harvey Awards. By the release of Chainsaw Man chapter 140, there will be more nominations in the category of best manga which we will update as soon as we get to know about them. So bookmark this article so that you can never miss an update.

As we know that Chainsaw Man is part of a shonen dark trio along with Jujutsu Kaisen and Hell’s Paradise hence we can expect more and more from the Chainsaw Man franchise. Till then let us hope that Chainsaw Man wins the prize for best manga at the Harvey Awards.

Keep in mind that Chainsaw Man chapter 140 will be released on August 22, at various manga reading platforms like viz media. Let us all hope that in Chainsaw Man chapter 140, we will get to see more about Makima’s hybrid.

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