Chainsaw Man Chapter 139 Releasing Soon: New Enemy?

Another good news for anime watchers. Highly anticipated Chainsaw Man chapter 139 will be released on 15 August. Chainsaw Man Chapter 139 will be available on various platforms such as Shōnen Jump, the website of Viz Media, and the Manga Plus app. The entire manga series is available on all these platforms only to subscribers.

This chapter is released worldwide on August 15. But the timing for release will be different. We have mentioned the below timings for various regions.

  • Indian Time (IST): 8:30 pm
  • UK Time (BST): 4 p.m.
  • Central Time (CST): 10 a.m.
  • Pacific Time (PST): 8 a.m.
  • European Time (CEST): 5 p.m.

Let us now look at the summary for the previous two chapters so that we can discuss what will be going to happen in Chainsaw Man chapter 139.

Previously on Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man manga
Fumiko Mifune Saves Denji

In the previous chapters of Chainsaw Man, we read about the fight between Denji and some gang members who were trying to attack Denji when he was with that unknown girl in the karaoke room. Precisely speaking in chapter 137 we read that Denji was attacked with bats and the fight starts but Denji easily manages to have the upper hand in the Fight.

While on the other hand, the mysterious girl was singing her song not even affected by the fight which implies that she was one of her enemies too. With this chapter 137 ends leaving us in suspense about the identity of that mysterious girl. But in the very next chapter, we get all the answers to our questions.

In the very next chapter i.e. chapter 138 “Sword Man” we came to know about that mysterious girl. A man was trying to kill Denji with a gun but she saves Denji and leaves all of us in question why did she save Denji? Then Yoshida appears and states that she is not her enemy she is her new bodyguard and her name is Fumiko Mifune. In the next panels, Yoshida gives her introduction that she is a part of Public Safety.

In the few next pages, we see Asa and Yoru who are watching themselves on TV. Yoru was getting annoyed by watching her on the TV as she said she don’t want to get that much attention. While on the other hand, Asa felt joyful as the people on the news were calling her beautiful. This chapter ends when a strange man approaches Denji and claims that he is Sword Man.

What Will Happen in Chainsaw Man Chapter 139?

chainsaw man manga
Meeting With Sword Man

If we talk about what will happen next in Chainsaw Man chapter 139 then we have two possibilities. The first possibility is that just like Fumiko Mifune he is also one of Denji’s bodyguards which Yoshida appointed for Denji’s Safety. But do you seriously think our Chainsaw Man needs someone to protect him?

And the second possibility is that this person who claimed himself to be Sword Man is another enemy of Denji who comes to annihilate Denji. If you ask me then my inclination is much more on the second possibility because till now we have seen a similar trend with the same entry in which the enemy first talks to Denji and then attacks him.

It’ll be fun to read what happens in the next chapters. Will we get to see some fight between Chainsaw Man and Sword Man? Honestly, I want to see our Chainsaw Man back in action. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

Huge Success of Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man manga and anime series
Denji Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man franchise which is written by written Tatsuki Fujimoto has already become a huge star in the animanga community. When the Chainsaw Man chapter 139 will release this will make this franchise a big shit because they recently celebrated the release of the 15th volume with a mobile game.

Many experts say that Chainsaw Man is becoming hype day by day and soon it will take the place of new shonen animes like Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul. Chainsaw Man is also part of Dark Shone Trio which includes Jujutsu Kaisen and Hell’s Paradise. These are called Dark Shonen Trio because they are known for dark humor and extreme violence.

It would be a wise decision to bookmark this article because soon we will be updating this article with the news related to Chainsaw Man chapter 139. So let us tighten our seat belts and wait for the Chainsaw Man chapter 139 which will be releasing on August 15.

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