One Piece Remake: Big News for One Piece Fans Before 2023 Ends

This is the biggest news for One Piece fans after the truth behind Gomu Gomu No Mi. The in-famous WIT studio has announced a One Piece remake with the title “The One Piece”. In an official post, the WIT studio has announced the One Piece remake and they are teasing the fans from starting by stating that “there will be major changes in the storyline”.

The in-famous WIT studio is known for producing some of the best animations in various animes like Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan has already begun the production for the One Piece remake. Let us now get to the depth of this news.

One Piece Remake: The One Piece

one piece anime series
One Piece

Being one of the best-running shows of all time, One Piece has come a long way and it has to go a long way before the story ends. After the successful release of One Piece live-action, the franchise has gained more popularity than ever. Many new fans want to watch One Piece anime from the start.

But they fear the commitment to watch One Piece from the start because One Piece contains more than 1000 episodes. Hence WIT studio and Netflix have decided to team up for the One Piece remake: The One Piece. “The One Piece” will begin from the East Blue Saga covering all the major storylines at a better pace than the original One Piece anime.

Below we have a post from @sandman_AP who translated the whole information from the WIT studio and anime production team. 

Heaven for One Piece Fans

one piece anime series
Egghead Arc

From now on we would like to say that One Piece is entering into its glory days and it is creating a heaven for its fans. We are saying this because from 2024 One Piece fans will be receiving various projects from the franchise. These projects include:

  1. One Piece: Egg Head Arc
  2. One Piece Live Action Season 2
  3. One Piece remake: The One Piece
  4. One Piece ongoing manga

These are all the things that are going to happen in 2024, which is truly heaven for One Piece fans like us. Let us all enjoy these moments because one day for sure Luffy will become the Pirate King and this amazing journey will come to an end, so till then let us all be part of this amazing anime.

Will One Piece Remake Be Good?

one piece anime series
Wano Arc

We would like to state some points both in favor and against this question. We all know how beloved One Piece is whether it’s characters or storyline this anime is perfect for its fans. Hence it will be a tough job for the WIT studio and Netflix to stand on the expectations of the fans.

If you look on the other side of the coin then doing Scene by scene remake of the original One Piece just for the name of better animation is very much pointless but if the WIT studio makes many changes in the storyline then it will go to anger purists.

Though we all know that Eiichiro Oda will have full control over the One Piece remake (just like he had full control over the One Piece live-action), so if WIT studio wishes to make changes in the storyline then surely these changes have to be approved by the author. And we all know that our beloved Oda sensei will never disappoint their fans.

We can still consider some major changes in the storyline as WIT studio mentions the “new trajectories”. All these changes will be going to be fascinating for fans and this is necessary because WIt studio will do something to differentiate themselves from the original One Piece.

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