What Anime Should I Watch for Beginners in 2024

What anime should I watch for beginners, that is a common question every person asks others even to himself. Well, I am sure you must have asked your otaku friend to give you some suggestions, and guess what I know what they must have told you. If you ask a person who is into anime they will ask you to watch Naruto or one piece without even blinking, but guess what this is a mistake they make without even knowing. Wanna know how? just keep reading.

If you are just scrolling around to see which anime you should watch or even gave up that anime might not be for you, that is wrong my friend. I am glad you finally reached here. Here you will get all the animes that you should and have to watch as a beginner, well if you will watch just one I am sure you will watch the rest on your own. There are not hundreds but thousands of anime out there, do you really think you won’t like a single one? well, that depends on your choices and that is why I am here.

With the many sleepless nights of binge-watching of loads of anime, I came up with a list that should be watched by any person who is just a newbie in our anime community. Okay okay, let’s just not do chit-chat anymore, and let’s talk about the anime you should watch as a beginner.

1. Death Note

death note anime series
Death Note – 2006

Death Note grabbed the first place on my list. Do you want to know the reason? Because when I was a newbie and struggling just like you death note was the first anime that I watched and I still consider myself lucky that I chose this anime as my first. I really liked it though so it is a Japanese manga series that came in 2006.

Death Note is a story about a boy or you know what why don’t you watch it by yourself I do not want to give you any spoilers. If you are into thriller and mystery then this anime could be the cherry on the top for you. You are going to love the characters of Death Note. You can find it on Netflix.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul anime series
Tokyo Ghoul – 2017

Do you like wild things to watch? okay, wait! not that wild, Let me rephrase it do you like watching thrilled and little horror movies then this anime could be for you. I personally liked this anime a lot this anime is easily available on Netflix and it has basically 4 seasons and a total of 60 episodes which you must be thinking are a lot but it’s not even you’d wish for more at the end.

It basically aired from July 4, 2014, to September 19, 2014. This is a story of a boy named ken kaneki and how he becomes a ghoul and his struggle story, do not worry I am not gonna tell you more about the story, and to make the story more interesting there is a love interest in kaneki named Touka. The ending is my favorite part which I am not gonna tell you you have to watch it by yourself.

3. The Promised Neverland

the promised neverland anime series
The Promised Neverland – 2019

Do you find the name boring? well, I did too but when I watched it it changed my whole perspective. Cute yet mysterious yet little scary anime you could ever find as your first anime would be the promised Neverland. This is the story of some kids or should I say some brave kids named Emma, Ray, Norman, and many more, and how they survived and won for their life. You wanna know where they did survive from? well, I’d recommend you watch it then.

This anime is basically still going on and till now there are only two seasons that you can watch, there are not many episodes so it would be quick and easy for you to finish it.

4. Haikyuu

haikyuu anime series
Haikyuu – 2014

Any sports lover here? This anime is just for you, you can choose this anime to watch as a beginner. Yes, you must have understood that this anime is about sports, so this anime is about a guy who gets obsessed with volleyball and the whole story revolves around this. There are many twists that are worth watching I repeat worth watching and that is why I am not telling you here.

This anime aired on 6 April 2014 in Japan. It consists of five seasons and this is the whole series which means you don’t have t wait for another season. Isn’t that amazing? It is such a great anime for everyone and especially sports lovers.

5. Your lie in April

your lie in april anime movie
Your Lie In April – 2016

Okay! So if you are a hopeless romantic person just like me then just choose your lie in April without even blinking. I just love this anime this anime is wholesome for people who are into the romance genre. Not fond of crying? but let me tell you this anime will surely make you cry.

They say best things end soon so this anime does only have one season, and there will be no season too. I am sure you must be wondering what this anime is all about but all I could tell you is that this anime is a great love story a newbie can ever watch. It aired in 2016 and you can easily watch it online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some commonly asked questions asked by people.

Q1. Which is the best anime?

A1. I wish I could name one anime but I just cannot because there are not hundreds but thousands of anime out there and choosing just one of them is just quite a task, but as a newbie, I can suggest you some anime to watch such as death note, your lie in April, Haikyuu and many more.

Q2. Should I watch Love is War as my first anime?

A2. First of all, I must say you got a great taste, Love is War is indeed a great anime to watch as a newbie if you are into Tom and Jerry kinda romance then this is the perfect anime you could watch. I would highly recommend anyone to watch this anime if they have just started watching anime or thinking to watch their first anime.

Q3. Is it worth watching anime?

A3. Well, the answer to this question depends on you. Are you into anime or not for that to know you have to start watching anime, and being an anime lover that sentence that you just asked could be a little offensive how can someone not like anime? I am sure you will love anime you just have to choose wisely your first few animes.

Wrapping Up!

Hey fellas. So you made it here. How was the article? how did you like all the suggested anime? did you find anything to watch? Okay! let me slow down. So, I assume you did read the whole article I get it if you are thinking these animes are the animes you never even got recommended by someone, but don’t you think that some things are just underrated and those should be praised?

Well, all the animes that I suggested are the best anime a newbie could ever watch I know this could be really confusing and especially if you are getting forced by your otaku friends to watch one piece or Naruto, well these animes are just masterpieces I agree but do you just jump to the desert without even having starters? No, right? So just make yourself comfortable with animes first by watching the animes I suggested in the article and I am sure soon you will be on some episode of one piece or Naruto.

If you like the article that I assume you did so please share this with your family or friends and do not forget to mention your favorite anime from the list in the comment section, if you do have any queries you can ask us in the comment section we would love to help you solve that query.


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