Is Gojo Dead in Manga: Chapter 236

Due to the release of the recent Jujutsu kaisen chapter, there is havoc going on in the community about “Is Gojo dead in manga?“. In the recent chapter, fans are really upset about the death of Gojo Sataru. Since Gojo is one of the main characters in the story and being ridiculously strong fans were expecting a different fate for him.

The recent chapter of jujutsu kaisen has left fans with tearing eyes and anger towards the author Gege Akutami and left them with a question is Gojo dead in manga? The author is currently facing mixed reactions from the fans and it was expected because after all he decided to kill the most lovable character from the series.

Let us now look at the summary of the latest chapter so that we can understand what is really happening in the series.

Is Gojo Dead in Manga: Chapter 236

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This chapter concludes the fight between Gojo Sataru, the honored one, and Sukuna, the King of Curses. This fight was most anticipated since the beginning of the series, because throughout the series we have been told again and again that these two are the strongest characters, so it was obvious for fans to bet on who is the strongest.

By the end of this chapter, it was clear that Sukuna, the King of Curses, is the strongest one as he defeated Gojo Sataru, and left us with a question is Gojo dead in manga? This chapter begins with Gojo talking to the dead characters like Suguru Geto who is shown as Gojo’s best friend. By this, it was clear that Gojo was talking to them in the afterlife.

After Gojo is done talking to them, the scene shifts to the fight where Sukuna is saying to Gojo that he will always remember him, and we see that Gojo is lying on the ground and his lower half is still standing. As Sukuna is done talking the narrator says “without any moments for mourning for Gojo Sataru’s death”, this gives us the answer to the most heartbreaking question “Is Gojo dead in manga?” and the answer is YES. Gojo Sataru is dead.

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