Is Garp Going to Die: Heart Breaking One Piece Chapters 1087 and 1088

Is Garp going to die? This question has also popped up in your mind if you read recent One Piece chapters. But if you haven’t then I would like to warn you that this article contains spoilers related to recent One Piece Chapters 1087 and 1088.

Monkey D. Garp is Luffy’s grandfather and without any doubt, he is one of the strongest marines even at the age of 78. Garp is titled “Hero of Marines” because of the incident in god valley. But is our hero Garp going to die?

Garp is currently the vice admiral but he has been offered the position of Admiral as well as Fleet Admiral but he refused it every time because he don’t want to be in direct command of the celestial dragons. Through this, we can easily conclude that Garp is still one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

Let us look at a quick review of Chapter 1087 through which we can get a clear idea of the ongoing situation. So that we can conclude if is Garp going to die or not.

Chapter 1087: Battleship Bags

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Garp Vs Aokiji

The scene starts from the G1 navy base’s shipyard where two ships with big holes in them were standing. The marine officers said that these holes were made by vice admiral Garp along with his disciple ex-admiral Kuzan mostly known as Aokiji. These holes were made with bare fists without using any Haki. This shows how strong Garp is.

In the next panel, the scene has been shifted to Hasinosu (the pirate island) where the fight between Garp and the titanic captains of Blackbeard pirates is going on. Garp has thrown San Juan Wolf into the sea with his hands and everyone is surprised to see that Garp is still smiling while fighting these many pirates.

Garp and his team have rescued all the slaves and they are ready to set sail but Aokiji comes in their way and Garp orders Koby and his teammates to go to the ship as he handles the Aokiji. They both exchange a few words and soon hit each other right in the face and sent each other flying.

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As Koby was going towards the ship he saw a woman who is left behind as a slave so he rushes to save her but in fact, it was a trap Shriyu of the rain almost hits Koby with his sword but Garp comes and saves Koby but Shriyu was able to pierce Garp’s body and injured Garp heavily.

Due to this Garp falls to the ground and says to Koby that justice will prevail and with this, this chapter ends. After reading this chapter I was seriously in shock and I kept thinking that Is Garp going to die? Until the next chapter is released and it made me clear about what going to happen next. Is Garp going to die or not?

Chapter 1088: The Final Lesson

This chapter starts from a scene in the past where Garp is teaching new marine soldiers including Koby about the marine code of conduct. Here Koby and Garp share precious moments by reading this panel I almost forget whether is garp going to die or not.

In the next scene, we can see the amazon lilly island the territory of pirate empress Boa Hancock. Here, Marshal D. Teach aka Blackbeard has taken hostages of 800 marine soldiers and some civilians. Koby tries to negotiate but he ended up becoming a hostage too.

In the next scene, we see Avalo Pizzaro the user of Island-Island devil fruit, and one of the 10 titanic captains of Blackbeard Pirates going to crush the battleship with all the rescued marines. So Garp orders Koby, Helmeppo, and rear admiral Grus to take action and stops the attack.

In the next scene, we see that Koby was training so hard that he always keeps bandages on, to which Helmeppo praises Koby a lot. Next, we see Garp standing up after the attack from Shiryu and with a blink of an eye he directly goes to hit Pizzaro and he punched him so hard that it gives Koby an opening.

Koby smashed it so hard that it falls into pieces and all the 800 marines and civilians had been saved. But Garp is alone and surrounded by the Blackbeard Pirates fallen to the ground. We see that Garp is smiling at the end and he is full of wounds. With this, the chapter ends and left us with a question. Is Garp Going to Die or Not?

Is Garp Going to Die?

Is Garp going to die? personally, I don’t think so this is because of three reasons that I’ve mentioned below:

1. Use Garp for Negotiation

I think that Blackbeard pirates will not kill Garp they will capture him so that Blackbeard can use him for negotiation with the world government.

As we all know that Blackbeard wants to go to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise so he needs to be a ruler of the country that’s why he can use Garp so that he can become the ruler of pirate island Hasinosu.

2. Reality of Aokiji

This is a popular theory that is going in the One Piece fandom that Aokiji is working as an undercover agent for the Marines. That is the reason he joined the Blackbeard Pirates so that he can capture Blackbeard.

Is Garp going to die or not? If we look from this perspective that Aokiji is an undercover agent so he will definitely save his teacher before anything happens to him.

3. Luffy Will Save Garp

This is just my assumption that Luffy will save Garp using Gear 5. Since we all know that the straw hat pirates have left Egghead Island with Dr. Vegapunk so there is a possibility that they will arrive at Hasinosu.

Since Garp is Luffy’s grandfather and we have witnessed the bond between them it is needless to say that Luffy will save his grandfather using Gear 5.

What Will Happen Next?

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Is Garp going to die or not? Well, I guess now you have the answer to this question. But I would say still it’s too early to decide what will be going to happen next because we all know that one piece is too predictable. since it is not a slice-of-life anime so it is not necessary to always wish that things work in your favor.

I’m glad that you made it to the end of the article. Do comment whether you like this article or not. We will keep on updating this article as soon as we get some new information about your question “Is Garp going to die or not?” Till then keep on praying that Garp will not die.

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